Food and drinks

Warm food menu


Fishburger with remulade and potato chips.
Contains: Fish, molluscs, milk, cheese, celery seeds, eggs, sesame seeds, flour


Venison burger

Venison burgers from Spikkeland 
Contains: deer meat, elk meat, cattle meat, milk, flour, sesame seeds


Fish soup

For groups of 10 people or more






Cheese and ham
Contains: flour, cheese, eggs, mustard, milk



Cafe menu

Coffee/Tea/Cocoa 30,-
Mineral water  40,-
Raspberry juice from Vintland 49,-
Norwegian lapper/Waffles 30,-
Hennig Olsen ice cream Varied prices


Dinner/Lunch with catering of your choice can vary

You are of course allowed to bring food from other caterers. We do have a complete kitchen and can provide waiters for your party. Food and drinks are an important part of the experience. We can also recommend food. 

Group menu for 10 or more needs to be pre-ordered

We also offer fish in tinfoil, which can be cooked at a campfire, for schoolgroups or groups who wish to combine their visit with outdoor experiences. In this case we make a campfire and the participants join us in preparing their own food. Price 199,-.

The possibilities are endless so feel free to send us a request if you have any questions. We can help you create a special experience here at our centre. An exclusive evening/day in unique surroundings!