• Pancake/Cake/Waffle kr 30,-
  • Coffe/Tea/Cocoa kr 30,-
  • Danish pastry kr 35,-
  • Kvås burger kr 95,-

    Fish burger with homemade tartare sauce

  • Misc drinks kr 40,-
  • Raspberry drink kr 55,-

    Vintland farm

  • Hennig Olsen

    Small ice cream


  • Fish Soup kr 129,-
  • Fish Stew kr 179,-
  • Kvås Burger kr 150,-

    Fish burger with homemade tartare sauce

  • Finger food kr 110,-

    Salmon roll with local salmon in "Døser" (potato pancake wrapping from Heddan Farm)

  • Cake kr 55,-

    Long Pancake with blueberry/rubarb

  • Crust with cream and jam kr 75,-
  • Coffee & Cake kr 75,-

    Cake / Waffle / Pancake

To groups who wish to combine their visit with outdoor life we can also offer “fish-in-foil” on the fire. The participants then will prepare their own food under supervision. The price is NOK 130,-

We can also offer specially composed dinners in cooperation with chefs. The price is NOK 350-650,-.

Please do not hesitate in sending us a request for YOUR special event. An exclusive night in unique surroundings!

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