Picturesque spots for tents, caravans and motor homes next to the salmon river Lygna

A short walk along an idyllic path will take you from the salmon center down to Øyna Camping that is one of our partners.

At Øyna Camping we offer different varieties of camping. You can pitch your tent, park your caravan og rent one of our modern cabins. The campsite is situated right by the river and it’s an incredibly peaceful og child safe environment.

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We have a playground with a trampoline and a swing set, and there is a perfect area to take a swim in the river that is close by.

The campsite offers sanitary facilities with toilets, showers, kitchen and laundry + access to wifi.

We have 40 slots reserved for tents, caravans and campers. And 34 power outlets that can be ordered for an extra fee. 10 private caravans has permanent slots on the campsite today, but there is always room for more.


Salmon fishing in the river from 1.June until 31.August. Fishing permits can be bought at Kvåsfossen Laksesenter.

Amazing walking paths that lead to scenic viewpoints and walking destinations close by.

Kvåsfossen Salmon center with exhibitions and a café only 100 meters away.

Nearest convince store is located 3 kilometers from the camping.

Kvåstunet, located in the parish close by offers a popular dinner buffet every Sunday at 1 PM, and you can also find misc sporting gear for your hikes here.

Sørlandsbadet (Aqua land) in Lyngdal is 18 kilometers from the camping.

There is also a shopping mall, gas station, cinema and restaurants 17 kilometers from the camping (Lyngdal)