Field trip to learn about the wild salmon

We host school classes who want a different school day filled with lots of fun learning, year round.

We can adapt the school day to match what you want to learn and the subject you are teaching. A guided tour of the centre, walking by the fish ladder, outdoor activities or a trip down to the river are all things we can organize for you. Our focus is to give the students positive experiences, skill and sustainable development.

Imagine a brick wall. Picture that every brick is its own species, and that the entire wall is the ecosystem. All the species depend on each other in the ecosystem, this includes us humans. We don't know which bricks will make the wall collapse. Therefore we have to look after all the species. 

The atlantic salmon is one of Norway's responsibility species. Therefore we have to take care of it and make sure it thrives. To do this we need knowledge about the species. This drives us and gives us motivation to spread the knowledge we already have. Imagine if everyone knew what a treasure the wild salmon is!

If your school wants a creative and educational day: contact us at We can also ensure tasks that can be done by the stream, in the schoolyard or in the classroom.