Do you want us to visit your school?

If you can't visit us, we would love to visit your school.

In cooperation with your teacher we'll figure out what you want to learn, and we'll create a day that fits this. Our focus is to give the students good experiences, skill and sustainable development and with that teach them about the amazing wild salmon. 

Imagine a brick wall. Now picture that every brick is a species and the whole wall makes up the ecosystem. All of the species depend on one another in the ecosystem, this includes us humans. We can't know which bricks will make the whole wall collapse, therefore it is so important to look after all species. 

The atlantic salmon is one of Norway's responsibility species. That means we have a responsibility to take care of and look after it. To do this we need knowledge about the species. This gives us motivation to spread knowledge about the salmon. Imagine if everyone knew what a treasure the wild salmon is!